The Whistler in the Wind By Akshay Rajkumar

A True Story of Faith and Doubt


What People Are Saying

“Honest chronicle of a gifted evangelist, written like a gripping page-turner.”

“absolutely remarkable and worthy of careful perusal.”

“It’s just an unpretentious, utterly believable, no holds barred story of a man just like us.”

“Akshay beautifully knits not just a story, but an experience.”

“it keeps you engrossed, shifting between perspectives and timelines as it lays out not just one man’s life but a much larger view of Christianity, God and evangelism.”

“I was captivated by this story that is as real as it can be”

“Not feeling the need to sugar-coat, the author gets really candid and personal”

“honest and unbiased”

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The official biography of Dr. R. Rajkumar—one of India’s most notable evangelists—whose journey from doubt to faith led to a life as unpredictable as it is unbelievable.

As a young engineer about to be married, Raj had a simple life in mind for himself. But when he was rattled by a conversation with a friend about the Bible, it piqued his curiosity and sent him on a quest to find the truth about God. What followed was a spiritual upheaval that led him to change his mind without realizing how it would change his life. A religious relativist turned into an unlikely evangelist. But the thrill of traveling to 40 nations and preaching 500 sermons a year came with the threat of being a distant husband and an absent father.

The Whistler in the Wind is the true story of how a man found God at work in the seasons of his life, long before he set out to find Him.


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